Questions on
(Social) Networks

Dear guest,

Welcome to my home. It’s my pleasure to offer you some questions about (social) networks.
Here, you are at the starting point, where you can see 26 questions, which correspond to 26 doors.

You can open a door by clicking on a colourful question, though the grey ones are still locked.
(Apologies, the place is under construction.) Opening a red door will guide you to a different room of this house, while a green door, will lead you to one of my neighbour’s homes.

Most of the questions came to my mind after the day of our Infrastructour. Generally, they relate to broader social aspects around analogue and digital networks. Trying to respond to them, I started writing small texts to express what led me to these questions, also my thoughts, feelings and memories that came after them. My texts are not finished answers and do not speak only in one voice. I often contradict or doubt myself, which is something I usually do when I write; I find it useful when trying to approach an answer.

There is not one way to navigate through the rooms; you can visit them out of order. Sometimes there are doors from one room to another. Please feel free to walk around, stay in each place as long as you wish, and come back to this starting point, when lost!

May your journey begin!