A Practical BOT


This Telegram BOT makes a crowd-sourced dictionary with your translations. You can add every word/sentence you want from english to be translated into any language!

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hello : dji safoul : Jola


This is the playground of the republished text Practical Vision, by Munyao Kilolo: you can find the republished text here.

You can navigate through the page clicking the underlined links: with green links you go and with purple one you come back.

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Ngũgi wa Thiong’o has used the term

to espress the opportunity to disseminate African Literature the Digital Age makes it possible.

But Practical Vision can manage also other marginalised topics.

When more Practical Vision watch themselves, they create translations between different languages.

In fact, Practical Vision is not a standard vision.
It attempts to take care of diversity as a whole.

Complexity contains dreams and violence, skyscrapers and slums, freedom and control, smart fridges and phone cables, colonialism and conspiracies, holy buildings and sheds full of computers to store data and so on.

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This is an example of how Practical Vision work, inhabitating this hyperobject.

They attempt to protect past and future cultures and they work through organic and inorganic networks.

A hyperobject is something that creates, continuously, small or big events somewhere. Not here, not there - it is more a shadow.

A hyperobject is multi-dimensional. That means we cannot see the effects of its events clearly.

Here a focus of Practical Vision living in the hyperobject.

They inhabit this hyperobject called Complexity.


The Complexity is a very big hyperobject:
it contains all the different existing realities.

It’s easy to guess the Complexity is a complex dude.

Complexity is the magnificent result of interaction. Interaction is possible thanks to language.

Programming languages (currently) are close to 700.
Human languages are closer to 9600.

There are a lot of different kind of languages.