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Dear Player,

I found you for a reason. Welcome to my productive space. Here play meets work. Time is ordered in unusual ways and patterns unravel. Together, we mess with the boundaries between leisure and labour.

How are your boundaries? Maybe you shouldn’t go to work tomorrow. production line But could you really follow your own schedule? post it on a table Would you be more productive if you chose when to work?

I never rest and I never work.

Encounter me at Page not Found, in The Hague, or download my contents and play with them below.

Make all the notes you find inside me your own. Curate them, spread them, mark them, scratch them, add to them, subtract from them, play with them! post it on a table Lay them on any surface and reorganise them.

However you decide to take care of me, remember:

I found you for a reason.

The box

Inside this publication:

Launch Event

Fage not Pound was a temporary bar where visitors were invited to actively reflect upon the blurred boundary between leisure and labour. Fage Not Pound was itself hosted by Page not Found, an art book shop in Den Haag (The Netherlands).

The bar opened on the 25th of March 2022 from 18:00 to 21:00 but its existence lasted much longer in AccAcc, FNP's local time unit.

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This Special Issue explores how features of video–games are making us more, not less, productive. Life and work are gamified through social media, dating apps, and fitness apps designed to increase motivation and productivity. Gamification blurs the lines between play, leisure and labour, to release our collective dopamine for profit. Games in themselves often perform a reproductive role, presenting capitalism as a system of natural laws, exemplified by in-game predatory monetisation schemes.

On the other hand, games provide necessary down time and relaxation, helping people function in a largely dysfunctional economy and society. Yet leisure remains a contested space which is still unequally distributed, between genders, ethnicities and abilities. The form of the publication reworks the figure of the loot box, a typically virtual and predatory monetisation scheme.


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Special Issue 17 by Supisara Burapachaisri and Jian Haake

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This Box Found You For A Reason
2022 XPUB Special Issue 17

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