Sometimes the world as it is and the world as it could be are devastatingly close to each other.

Screenshot of Fortnite gameplay

Is there any point in imagining something that is so similar to the nightmare we already live in? The future is a dream but it’s just that dream where you remember putting your keys somewhere, but where? You’re wandering around looking for them for what feels like hours. Whether it was real or not isn’t important, you were still there. Why do we stay here? What’s even here for us? If you don’t get them first, they’ll get you. Then you wake up and you still can’t find the fucking keys. But sometimes it’s sunny and you’re standing there and there’s something cinematic about the whole thing, is it worth it just to be there for that maybe. There’s really no difference between a dream about falling and a dream about flying.

You search the entire planet, all seven planets, drinking every last drop, and still no fucking keys. You’re just watching the whole thing anyway so enjoy it, I guess. If you get the rifle you can use the scope on it to see things in the distance, but then again, maybe you don’t need to see that far. The start is always the best part. Maybe I left them in the bathroom? Can I help them, even one of them? They are all so busy killing each other I don’t think they can hear. The forests are beautiful here. One time I sat down with some of the bots and really got to know them. Until the players arrive they just sit there together, chatting. They’re really nice actually. And then a player ran up beside us, saw that we weren’t trying to hurt them, and left. Maybe they were helped, or changed somehow.

The only reason I’m still here is because you’re still here.


Screenshot of Fortnite gameplay