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YouTube comments as Tarot readings

The question for me (Irmak) at the beginning was why people feel the need to know the future or their oracles that they go on YouTube and subscribe to a channel there. Knowing the future made me anxious when for many people it is something to look forward to or head towards. For Ada, the answer to that question was simple. Everyone needs some clarity and a sense of belonging and safety, and it’s better and easier to believe when told by someone else. The problem we were facing was then about, how can a performance so intimate and personal be transferred online for thousands to see. Doesn’t that strip the whole act of the tarot reading of its authenticity or specificity to you? Once you have someone read your tarot online, you are exposed to advertisement and capitalism

The Divination Board

in a very ironic sense. The sole reason you are there is to have a peaceful and perhaps sentimental moment with yourself, however, you are interrupted by unintended messages.

Moving from these discussions, we searched for the answers in the comments below certain tarot videos. Many commenters mentioned how their life changed after the reading, how their luck came back and their work life improved, or how the reading helped them get their life straight. This was a community that needed tarot and used it as a remedy. In the end, we decided to use some of these comments as the interpretation of some cards. The main themes in the comments were luck, love and work. We picked three comments for each theme and made tarot cards for them with a divination board. We modified the illustrations on existing tarot cards and renamed them according to the commenters’ names.

Cards on love
Cards on luck
Cards on work
Cards on work
Cards on work

A Selection from the dictionary of YouTube Tarot cards

The Cassandra The Bella Vita Vibing

Help get gas price down The Jessica The dhananjai The Hummingbird