click-click, the clicking game — a matter of accumulation

A couple of months ago, I didn’t even know clicking games existed. When I played for the first time, I couldn’t understand why people were intrigued enough to devote themselves to clicking, and I still struggle to understand it. I wanted to create a clicking game that would highlight the act of clicking to the player through the interface of the screen. People would see a hand clicking on their screen, and then at the next stage, a person in front of a screen (with a hand clicking) clicking etc. My poor java script skills didn’t allow me to realise my initial idea, so eventually, I came up with a really simple version of the click_click game. People click on the click button that makes a “click” sound. Every time they click, a new button is generated. The aim is to click and accumulate bricks. A repetitive performance. You click, you gain. The game ends when you fill your screen and build a wall of click buttons. Then the screen clears automatically, and a small victory message appears. What happens when the only function performed is clicking? Nothing, I guess.

the click wall