Those who dream of drinking wine may weep when morning comes; those who dream of weeping may in the morning go off to hunt. While they are dreaming they do not know it is a dream, and in their dream they may even try to interpret a dream. Only after they wake do they know it was a dream. And someday there will be a great awakening when we know that this is all a great dream.

And when I say you are dreaming, I am dreaming, too.

Zhuàngzi 莊子

✧ Preface

Have you ever woken up feeling like there is a word on the tip of your tongue in a language you don’t quite understand?

It’s the feeling you feel when a dream leaves too quickly after you wake up, like a regretful lover. You grasp and reach out, but it’s gone, and you forget something so fundamentally important that your stomach caves into itself.

This deck of oracle cards invites you to go back into that cave, that pit. Back to the start of that word. Tarot and oracle cards are always tools for self-exploration, but the Oracolotto invites you to travel deep into the subconscious realm of your dreams.

Oracolotto includes twenty-one cards and one guidebook. The cards follow the paved journey of Tarot’s major arcana, but do not be fooled by the numbers – they will not give you insight into the path. You do not need prior knowledge to use these cards, only the ability to dream and a soul – your own or the soul of another.

The Oracolotto cards present illustrations of collective dream archetypes as delineated by Neapolitan tradition. While the cards symbolically follow the traditional Tarot journey from the fool to the world (minus the Emperor), they are based on the Neapolitan art form of the Smorfia, intended not as the grimace but as a method for interpreting dreams.

The Smorfia is an ancient art form in which symbols and archetypes from a person’s dreams are analysed and converted into numbers. To use the Smorfia, you would recall every event, person and object that appeared in your dream, and then use the extensive list of dream archetypes to find the associated numbers. This may be used to find the meaning of your dreams or, most commonly, to find numbers to play the lottery (Ricciardone, 1987; Zezza, 1835).

In Oracolotto, the archetypes are used as a storytelling device, an exploration tool for imagination and self-discovery. You may choose to use these cards in the two ways I have imagined or create your own.

  1. The first method, and the one I recommend, asks your soul to sit with the cards, ask them a question, read the answer in the following pages and find a language for new or old feelings.

  2. The second method requires you to keep the deck next to your bed. Once you wake up, while the dream is still supple and alive, reach for the Oracolotto and try and find the cards that most closely resemble the dream. This allows you to give language to the unformed and reveal the apparent truths the cards hold.

If you have read this far, you may want to remember your dreams and connect to your subconscious, but feel unable to do so. You may never remember your dreams and think that they are random. If that’s the case, I recommend using the Oracolotto with the method I first describe. As the subconscious seeps into our daily thoughts and feelings, the deck will reveal hidden patterns.

You may also choose your path, disregard what I said and make your own game, read old or future dreams or even play the lottery. The tools are in your hands.

✧ How to care for the Oracolotto

You may have grown up believing that objects do not have spirit. If so, I suggest you tuck the inner sceptic into bed and let the curious child out to play. The Oracolotto, like any Tarot or Oracle, does not believe itself to be an object. It thinks that no object is simply a thing but also exists in a spiritual plane. All objects have a soul, a spirit that connects to yours.

The Oracolotto has a playful and deep soul. It asks to be cared for as a living thing (more like a plant than a pet). It asks to be touched, used, cried on, and laughed with. Most importantly, it asks for a place to rest every night. I would recommend, at your discretion, to free all negative intentions from the cards. This may happen if you do a reading for someone with bad intentions, or a heavy, painful load to carry. Or it may happen if you use them alone in a moment of intense sadness or anger. In such cases, find a way to release these feelings from the cards, leave them out to breathe, or hold them in your hands and think positive thoughts.

✧ How to Do a Reading

Set an intention at the start. You or the person you are reading for will ask a question, out loud or in your mind, as you shuffle the cards. You then have two options: either spread them out or fan them and choose one card at a time with your dominant hand; or place the whole deck on a surface and run your fingers alongside it until you feel like splitting the deck and picking a card. Do it as you wish, it is important to let your intuition guide you to a card.

Lay the card in front of you (the “How to Lay Out the Cards” section follows). Turn the card over and feel, hear, see, and intuit its meaning concerning your question. Refer to this guidebook for interpretations. If you give readings to others, always keep a record of your own readings because messages for others often weave into your own. Sometimes cards will “jump” out of the deck while you are shuffling. These cards are trying to get your attention. They are part of your reading or perhaps the entire reading. They are important messages; take heed.

Alternatively, and if applicable, you may choose one card and place it on your altar or under your pillow at night to usher in a deeper understanding.

✧ How to Lay Out the Cards

One Card Spread

A single card can be used for several purposes:

Three-Card Spread

A three-card spread can also be used in several different ways:

If you want to arrive at a more fleshed-out narrative, you may choose to do a bigger spread. Information about those can be found in any book about tarot or online.

✧ Dream well!

✳ 42. the coffee or ’o ccafè

.keywords: beginnings, unformed potential, taking a risk, answering a ‘call’, trusting in the universe, overcoming self-doubt, embracing uncertainty.

Coffee is brewing, waiting to be poured into the empty cup on the counter. A spiritual guide sits patiently, urging you to begin while the sun shines outside. On the side, enormous snowdrops have blossomed, indicating the first tentative steps of spring. While the Coffee is number 42, this card comes before the others. Like an unhatched egg, it contains all the potential for the journey. The cup is empty, but you are urged to fill it, to drink it and to be on the journey. Like the prophet Muhammad who was given coffee(قهوة) by the Archangel Jibreel, you are urged to begin. The Coffee in a reading tells you that now is the time to be naive and courageous. Set on a new adventure and do not worry about the consequences. It is time; the coffee is ready.

Reversed: If the Coffee appears reversed, it is a warning. The coffee will spill, and it may burn you or others. Be careful not to disregard the consequences of your actions. Your eagerness for freedom and new beginnings may harm others or yourself. Now, you are being asked for consistency and patience. There is a time to be brave and to set off on new paths and a time to be reliable and patient. Wisdom lies in knowing the difference.

 tarot correspondence: 0. the fool.
 zodiac correspondence: all signs, the universe.

✳ 66. the two spinsters or e ddoie zetelle

.keywords: magic, manifestation, setting intentions, directing energy consciously, willpower, concentration, having all the resources you need.

Two old women stand before a table, one pointing above, the other below. Their eyes glow with mystic power. If they appear in your dreams, you will feel their power radiating. This is a particularly powerful card. While looking at it, reject what you have been told about the emotional loneliness of spinsters and focus on their ability to spin a magical web. These women appear to you at an important time, at the moment when you may choose your path. You are now fully able to manifest your desires. The Spinsters show you the power you hold and ask you for intense concentration. There is power in your focus and dedication, now is the time to channel all your resources to achieve what you wish.

Reversed: If the Spinsters have appeared reversed, it is a sign that you are ignoring your powers. You no longer see two crone magicians who have chosen the path of spiritual power but two unmarried older women. Do not be fooled. The power is in your hands; your potential lays dormant beneath your doubts and lack of self-esteem. Trust in your ability, and trust the Spinsters to weave you back to an active role within your own life.

 tarot correspondence: 1. the magician.
 zodiac correspondence: gemini & virgo.

✳ 63. the bride or ’a sposa

.keywords: intuition, subconscious, higher wisdom, knowing something you can’t explain, stillness, meditation, spell-work and ritual.

The Bride sits in silence in an underground cistern, two eyes closed and a third eye open. Upon her head, two crescent moons hold the globe. She is alone but does not appear to be waiting. The Bride is a figure of divine wisdom, feminine mystery and intuitive knowledge. She is the guardian of the unconscious, and she is meeting you. By receiving this card, you are gently invited to go deeper. To artists, she is the representation of creative potential. The bride has little care for the material because her powers lay in the true nature of emotion. Let your intuition lead the way, quieten the chatter of the rational and logical.

Reversed: If you are facing a reversed Bride, it is an invitation to examine when you ignore your gut. Perhaps you have allowed your thinking mind to run loose; you have not been listening to your gut. You overvalue the opinions of others or act too hastily. Whichever it is, it is time to be still, reflect and meditate on your intuition.

 tarot correspondence: 2. the high priestess.
 zodiac correspondence: cancer & pisces.

✳ 52. the mother or ’a mamma

.keywords: maternal figure, familiar love, abundance, life force, strong protection, dignity.

The Mother sits on a peacock throne in the middle of the river of life force. A crown on her head, a sword in her hand. In this iconography, she is Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and family. As such, she sits near a pregnant cow and holds a pomegranate. Nature thrives around her. She is the embodiment of femininity and the bringer of life and growth. Her energy is both nurturing and fiercely protective. She appears to indicate that she is looking after you and your growth. She is abundant, and as such, so will your expression be, both creative and sensual. Deep fulfilment awaits.

Reversed: The Mother has appeared reversed. Juno’s warlike nature is more active than her nurturing side. Your search for protection is keeping you from true love and joy. You were guarding yourself, and while you were right to do so, now is the time to let your shield down. Your emotional crops are thriving; you have put in the work. Let go of your war; lean into joy and love.

 tarot correspondence: 3. the empress. 
 zodiac correspondence: libra.

✳ 84. the church or ’a chiesa

.keywords: belief systems, ancestry, study, tradition, conformity, learning about the past.

A priest stands in front of you, with one hand hidden and the other towards the divine. A church sits on his shoulders, with a black door highlighting a shining key. The Church card beckons you inside a mysterious, sacred place. In the Christian belief, a church is not only where the religious community meets; it is the seat of Divinity itself. I invite you to disconnect the Church card from its Christian associations. It stands in place of any established social structure, spiritual tradition or source of ancestral knowledge. It is a teacher, a leader, a guru of memory. If the Church has come up in your reading, it indicates a need for deeper meaning or knowledge. Will you use your key to follow the paved road and find out who paved it and who walked it before you?

Reversed: The Church is upside down. Its integrity is questioned; the status quo stumbles. The pressure of conformity weighs heavy; the belief systems of others hang above your head. This card is now urging you to move. Tradition can be a teacher or a jailer, and in this case, it is trapping you. It may be time to shake your ancestors’ wishes away and start anew upon a path you paved yourself.

 tarot correspondence: 4. the hierophant.
 zodiac correspondence: taurus, libra & capricorn.

✳ 69. the upside down or sott’e ncoppa

.keywords: love (of all kinds), making heart-centred choices, compassion, partnerships and relationships, equilibrium, harmony.

Two hands reach for each other, the space between them filled with light and eyes. Roses grow around their wrists. There is an obvious story being told of two souls meeting in companionship. But this is also a card about balance and choices. The Upside Down is a reference to love and the two sides of a coin. When this card appears, it speaks of love and strong bonds. It asks you to choose love, to make heartfelt, loving, compassionate choices. The Upside Down is a simple card that asks you to choose. Listen to your heart and follow it.

Reversed: Due to the nature of this card, up is down and down is up. However you pull this card, it shows you both the Yin and the Yang. In this case, sourness is prevalent. The eyes look away, giving you space to identify within yourself why a commitment has turned sour. Your inner voice is unbalanced. Use your heart for your choices and seek out harmony.

 tarot correspondence: 5. the lovers.
 zodiac correspondence: gemini.

✳ 35. the bird or l’aucelluzz

.keywords: focused action, self-belief and confidence, commitment, drive and determination, hard, passionate work, assertion.

A chariot flies across a starry sky with two half moons. Inside it, a man dressed in Roman armour with the head of a turtledove looks straight at you. The dove drives through the sky, led by stars. This is the card of control and victory. The Bird has control of his fate, but it will also help you with yours. It directs you to assert your will with mastery, careful practice and self-discipline. It reminds you of your courage and strength. It encourages you to direct your energies towards the stars.

Reversed: When reversed, the Bird is spinning further and further out of control. It may be due to an attempt to control too much or an underdeveloped assertiveness. Loosen the reins. Redirect your chariot. Some things are beyond your power to change, and others wait for your confidence and hard work. Assess which is which and begin riding.

 tarot correspondence: 6. the chariot.
 zodiac correspondence: cancer.

✳ 28. the breasts or ’e zzizze

.keywords: inner strength and courage, dignified resistance, emotional labour, heart.

A naked woman covered in flowers looks to the side, casually taming the lion in front of her. A natural landscape opens up behind her. Do not be fooled by her gentle appearance; she is not effortless. Her strength lies in her heart as this is the card for Breasts. Emotional weakness is discarded as a patriarchal concept, as the Breasts show you a dignified taming of the wild through your heart. Emotion can steady your demeanour and your powers of inner strength. This indicates positive emotional labour of your ferocity and expression of pure emotional strength. Go towards your chest, to the place of pain, anger, greed, and fear in your life. Acknowledge where these things live within you and own them, pour love over them.

Reversed: The lion is now overpowering as the Breasts appear upside down. This is an indication of weakness; your strength becomes feeble as your self-confidence lessens. Your emotions are no longer a power but an overwhelming force you cannot control. Do not let anger or pain dictate your choice; find your strength once again.

 tarot correspondence: 7. strength.
 zodiac correspondence: leo.

✳ 65. the crying or ’o chianto

.keywords: introspection, solitude, retreat, working things through on your own, claiming space and time for you, self-guided or guided study.

A figure cries in an underwater cocoon, wrapped in a cape of hair and seaweed. They are holding themselves as their bright tears float upwards. This figure is in deep introspection. The Crying card is not negative, regardless of your view of tears. It indicates a need for comfort and solitude. It asks for a moment of introspection, the only thing that may lead you to true self-discovery. Once you have expressed your pain and truly felt it, you will gain a better understanding.

Reversed: The tears fall upon you as the Crying card is reversed. You have relied on yourself too much and become over-isolated. The cocoon has served its purpose. The time for solitude is over. You may let others in or leave your safe space altogether. The time for crying is over.

 tarot correspondence: 8. the hermit.
 zodiac correspondence: virgo.

82. the set table or ’a tavula mbandita

✳ 82. the set table or ’a tavula mbandita

.keywords: positive luck, change, predictions and prophesies, feeling like something is ‘destined’ to happen, an interconnected bigger picture.

A table is set with plates spelling out the ancient names for tarot and wheel. In the centre of the table, you can see water, soil, air and fire. Around the table sit the four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Three eyes, symbolising the three Fates, oversee the table. This is an incredibly auspicious card to pick. Like the table, your destiny has been set, the tempo will crank up as your vision develops into reality. This card asks you to accept your fate but also take responsibility for it. The table is set, but it is up to you to serve.

Reversed: The Set Table has been turned the wrong way. This indicated elements outside your control, spinning your fate. Luck has not been on your side, and you may have been unhappy with your circumstances. Take a moment to analyse what could have happened. Are the elements toying with your luck internal or external? Is there someone to blame; if so, who? Whatever you find, trust that the Table will be set again, and out of darkness, a new light will be born, informed by your discoveries.

 tarot correspondence: 9. the wheel of fortune.
 zodiac correspondence: aquarius, leo, taurus & scorpio.

✳ 60. the lament or se lamenta

.keywords: truth, logical thought, objectivity, binary thinking, justice, fairness, balance, accountability, social justice principles, intersectionality.

A woman, Justice, walks the steps out of darkness, and a lament distorts her face. In the Lament, you see Justice wearing white, carrying a sword on her waist and holding scales, with a heart on one side and a brain on the other. Her eyes are closed, but the piercing light around her penetrates the truth. It is her cry for truth, her lament, propeling her forward. This card calls out to you. Every action has an equal reaction, but it is often an expression of injustice that brings justice forward. It is the Lament that leads to balance. Believe that your expression of injustice is worth sharing.

Reversed: When the Lament appears reversed, it indicates a flawed system, a hidden truth or a bias. This injustice may have been committed against you or by you. However it happened, the scales are not balanced, but soon they will be as someone faces consequences. It also begs for you to re-balance your perspective. Look at the issue from both sides and hear the Lament.

 tarot correspondence: 11. justice.
 zodiac correspondence: libra.

✳ 85. purgatory’s souls or ll’aneme o priatorio

.keywords: passivity, cost, holding back, patience, allowing events to unfold, meditation and mindful practice, inner peace, self-acceptance, overcoming ego.

A man dangles from a branch, his wings closed by his sides, his braid falling beyond sight. Next to him, others hang in the same situation. We see Purgatory’s Souls, the souls of people in a state of temporary punishment and purification, in a state of grace, but not yet ready to enter heaven. Let the souls inspire you in their state of acceptance, as it is not their work that will send them to heaven. They are, just like you, ready for peace and joy. What you must do now is fully succumb to your situation and release. If the soul trusts the flow of events and let’s go, he realises he has had wings all along. A brazen metaphor, a simple reminder that it is not time to struggle for control. Trust the universe, trust yourself and let go.

Reversed: As Purgatory’s Souls appear reversed, they tell a different story. They are not hanging but anchored to the soil. You are pulling yourself further down, digging your heels in on a decision that has to be made. Your inaction now is pointless; it will just delay the inevitable. The souls already can, the punishment has been lifted. And yet, here you still are. You must face your inner turmoil to move on.

 tarot correspondence: 12. the hanged man. 
 zodiac correspondence: pisces.

✳ 48. the talking dead or ’o muorto che pparla

.keywords: the ending of a cycle, letting go and saying goodbye, a ritual to honour change, not resisting, honouring the seasons of life.

A deer’s skeleton lays on a blooming prairie. Close by, another deer looks into the sun rising above the hills. The Talking Dead card is deeply sensitive and invites a gentle approach. It does not necessarily symbolise literal death but is a positive harbinger of change. Death has already happened, and the deer’s spirit is ready to move into the coming day. The Talking Dead tells you it is time to let go of old habits, ways of thinking, and of the buried. This is the only way to allow for more rewarding patterns. Resisting change will not bring you joy; you must embrace transformation. There is no other way; a profound experience awaits you. Let the resting lead you.

Reversed: If the card is reversed, it appears that the Talking Dead is forced to be still. Changes frighten you, and you may resist them. Your life is now stagnant; the sunrise is eternal as the sun never reaches the sky. Trust that change will lead you wherever you need to be. It is not a matter of avoiding what has happened but of learning to live with what it brought in the hope that better things lay ahead.

 tarot correspondence: 12. death. 
 zodiac correspondence: scorpio.

✳ 68. warm soup or ’a zuppa cotta

.keywords: balance, harmony, blending of dualities, seeking the middle path, not making extreme decisions, taking a non-binary attitude, testing the waters, self-care, grace, gentleness.

A large, genderless, dark figure stands in the sea. On their forehead shines a triangle enclosed in a square, representing how humans are bound by the Earth and natural law. The figure takes water from the sea, but as they pour it into the bowl, it transforms into a bowl of steaming soup. This card gives insight into the nuances of balance. Wherever something is taken, something else must be given. See the figure as if it was keeping a close eye on how well you handle dualities. Keep to the middle path, do not make extreme decisions. You may be someone who tends to have a peaceful nature or swings between extremes. Either way, now is the time to test the waters of gentleness, give back what you have been given and ask for what was taken.

Reversed: The Warm Soup now pours upwards from the ladle. Something has been thrown off balance in your life. The coming times require meticulous care of the balance. Equilibrium must be restored. The costs may be too high for what you receive from the universe. You must reconsider your choices, find the weak point that has thrown you off the balance and adjust it.

 tarot correspondence: 13. temperance.
 zodiac correspondence: sagittarius.

✳ 77. the devils or ’e riavule

.keywords: bondage, addiction, materialism, destructive behaviours, harmful cycles, choosing to get free, or choosing not to get free, confronting fear, committing to your freedom.

Five little devils dance naked. They hold each other’s hands, forming a chain. The Devils symbolise that which keeps us bound and trapped. It is a small circle containing you, a metaphorical jail to which you do not yet have a key. This card cautions you against finding blame and refers instead to what is constrained by ourselves, our subconscious and direct choices. Do not let ideas, people or situations absorb you so intensely that it causes you to ignore other relationships.

Reversed: The Devil being upside down immediately reveals the bondage. You are aware of your chains. The unhealthy dynamics in your life that keep you trapped are finally emerging into the light. Caution, this does not imply freedom but may entail further temptation, which leads you to crawl back into your trap. This time needs your complete attention; use your newfound awareness to break the chains and escape your jail. 

 tarot correspondence: 14. the devil.
 zodiac correspondence: capricorn.

✳ 83. the storm or ’o maletiempo

.keywords: revolution, disaster, shock, mourning, blowing apart old structures, demolition of the status quo, toppling systems of power, potential, rebuilding after disaster, a blessing in disguise as a disaster, rehabilitation, regeneration.

An ancient maritime pine tree towers in the night. Above, the all-seeing Storm is unleashing lightning, cutting the tree down as birds escape. The Storm, as the name suggests, is a complicated card to receive. It indicates a profound disruption, a complete reset of the known. The situation may seem grim at times, but you must understand that the change brought is ultimately positive. You may find this hard to believe, but this card indicates the demolition and toppling of a structure that can feel quite devastating. However, new growth will come from this, and the old cannot last forever, lest it becomes decrepit. Remember well that when the Storm appears in front of you, you are not the tree but the doves escaping.

Reversed: In this situation, the Storm that topples the pine tree is coming from within. The issue is within your response to the situation and your worries within your head. Your perception is bringing you great pain. Take care not to become a vortex of negativity, be mindful of your feelings and take responsibility for how your responses affect you and those around you.

 tarot correspondence: 15. the tower. 
 zodiac correspondence: scorpio & aries.

✳ 25. christmas or natale

.keywords: hope, love and support, coming home to yourself, self-care, healing, being guided by your intuition, integrity, honesty, a positive new start or new vision.

In a warm room, a candle-lit Christmas tree appears next to a window. On the windowsill sits a warm cup of tea. Outside, an enormous star pours light on a snowy landscape. Christmas is a card of hope. A time of renewal, comfort and homeliness lies ahead. It is time to leave the hard times behind. The star shines alone through the window, filling the landscape with positivity and opportunity. Like this card, we all contain infinite possibilities, infinite capacity for beauty, and infinite wonder. When times are hard, Christmas reminds you of your ability for healing and magic. Know that you are a creature of this earth and this universe, you belong here, and you are loved.

Reversed: You may have lost your hope. Life’s challenges are overwhelming and leave you questioning everything and everybody. Your faith in the possibility of a comforting and fulfilling life is weaning as daily routines become dreary. It is an important alarm, a light shining on the parts of your life that do not align with your joyful purpose. Now is not the time to push harder, as you may deplete your energies further. It’s time to nourish yourself and your life at a deeper level and rest.

 tarot correspondence: 16. the star.
 zodiac correspondence: aquarius.

✳ 18. blood or ’o sangue

.keywords: shadow work, getting in touch with your wild nature, listening to your intuition, secrets, signs and symbols, non-rational, witchcraft, magic and spell-work, lies and deception, deceiving yourself, wearing a mask.

A wolf drinks from a pond filled with blood. Close by, a wild dog turns away from the pond to face the moon that illuminates everything around them. Away from them, a crab floats on a leaf in the pond. The Blood tells you that all is not what it seems. Unsettling as a nightmare can be, this card allows your inner wildness to be seen. The Blood represents witchcraft, spell-work and occult arts. Do not be fooled by the blood; nobody in this figure will come to harm. The moon shines its silvery light on the elements that are dishonest and manipulative. Uncomfortable questions must be asked. Things are strange; it is usual to feel disoriented. Now is the time for wild magical practice.

Reversed: When reversed, the Blood shows a moon shining in the front. The inner confusion is clearing. However, you may find yourself deprived of a mask you are not ready to let go of. Manipulation has been exposed, whether you were the victim or perpetrator. Things will soon be lighter, but first, they will be heavy. Mental health struggles as the truth emerges, and you initiate a process of complete honesty with yourself.

 tarot correspondence: 17. the moon.
 zodiac correspondence: pisces.

✳ 19. laughter or ’a resata

.keywords: positivity, saying yes, joy, practising gratitude, success, things coming together, life’s simple pleasures, allowing yourself to simply be, connecting to a dynamic life force.

Two children on a horse laugh in harmony. They hold each other’s hands and wave a flag. The sun shines on them, and sunflowers grow around them. Laughter is undoubtedly a positive card. It represents enthusiasm, growth and victory. Your good choices will pay off. You will soon laugh again, victory is so close you may already taste it. Joy will fill your heart, and life will once again seem light-hearted and effortless.

Reversed: Laughter is reversed, but do not panic. Victory is just not as close as you thought it would be. A setback has brought you back into a quieter place. There is a key element missing before you may achieve the state of perfect joy. The effort will now need to be given to finding once again things that make your heart swell up with joy, the things that make you walk so light you feel you may just fly away. Follow them, and soon Laughter will come back.

 tarot correspondence: 18. the sun.
 zodiac correspondence: leo.

✳ 43. the gossiping woman or ‘a donna o’ barcone

.keywords: liberation, freedom, casting off shackles, laying down of old baggage, total accountability for self, integrity, honesty, forgiveness, allowing yourself to move forwards.

A woman with rollers in her hair stands on a balcony, looking down, where a flock of ravens emerge from the darkness. This is a lofty card, as, like Lament and the Set Table, it carries the theme of accountability. In this particular case, it talks about being honest and thorough about yourself. The Gossiping Woman sees all of you and calls you to do the same. It is holding a mirror to your entire life, successes and failure. You must face the Gossiping Woman to liberate yourself and fly towards freedom. Moving forward unencumbered requires acknowledgement of the present moment and everything it carries.

Reversed: Now the Gossiping Woman can not see you. This is an indication that you refuse to acknowledge the hurt or pain that was caused to you and the pain that you have caused yourself. However, you must own your mistakes and let them be. When the Gossiping Woman is reversed, it asks you to find forgiveness for yourself and others. It will be hard work and may take a great amount of time, but the Gossiping Woman watches and is rooting for you to free yourself of this burden.

 tarot correspondence: 19. judgement.
 zodiac correspondence: scorpio.

✳ 45. the good wine ’o vino

.keywords: completion, a sense of wholeness, knowing who you are in the world, having a sense of place, feeling deeply connected to all things, reaching your goal, celebration, jubilation.

Three friends are celebrating, drinking Good Wine and dancing on the world, surrounded by a crown of vines, representing victory. One holds a flag and another a wand, bringing your journey to a close. This is the end of the road, the last card in this deck. The spiritual guide that brought you Coffee now brings you here. The completion of the cycle and the celebration that comes thereafter. You have changed and grown, and now the energy of wholeness shines. Soon it will dissipate as life shifts into a new beginning, but for now, the Good Wine urges you to relish in your successes. One day you will surrender again to the flow and remember that you are the same person that started this journey filled with infinite possibilities.

Reversed: The Good Wine may not be drunk yet; completion is not yet within reach. The end seemed in sight, but you tried cutting corners, and there is still work to be done. The result will only bring fulfilment, if the effort has been thorough and earnest. Keep dreaming, keep working, and soon the Good Wine will be yours.

 tarot correspondence: 20. the world.
 zodiac correspondence: all signs.