Peace is a mindfulness game Cara created as an in-class exercise in creating text adventures in python. The game will break at any time by saying: “I am now at peace”, but will also break if you simply type “peace.”

Peace works less as a game per se, and more as an exercise in reconnecting to your senses (smell, temperature, touch) by imagining oneself in imaginary landscapes. It takes on the text-adventure format by asking its players to respond “yes” to continue at each step.

Here is an excerpt:

You are wearing thin cotton. Can you feel 
the warm ground through the layer?
Can you feel the warmth of the sun on your face?

if yes, then…

The smell of lavender and warm soil is thick in the air. 
The flowers are so full.
When you just touch them, 
it feels like they burst with beads of lavender oil.

Their nectar is sweet. 

The air is clear.
The sky is blue.
There are no clouds.
There is only sun and peace and lavender.

Would you like to explore another daydream?

if yes, then… and so on

You can find the game on our website.

Duif met kroon by Claude Mellan 1608-1688, courtesy of the Rijksmuseum’s Free Archive.