The Wheel of Fortune — Manual

Welcome, my dear! This exercise is all about healing, about reconnecting with what is essential and authentic within yourself. By understanding the true nature of our suffering, we can evoke compassion for ourselves as we move through uncomfortable feelings on the path to healing and peace. Before you begin, there are a few things you will need. Firstly, have a strong intention to commit to this exercise for some time. Secondly, find a quiet room free of distractions, and finally, get a notebook and pen. Handwriting will engage your mind more actively and profoundly, help you connect with yourself, and enable the tracing of your progress over time.

I will be guiding you through a series of carefully selected questions written by different authors, some are well-known, and others will remain unknown. To begin the exercise, spin the Wheel of Fortune located at After a few seconds, a question will appear on the screen. Then, take a photo slide from the deck and hold it to the screen. Think about that question by looking at it and the tiny film together like friends. If you feel like writing your thoughts, you can use the tiny notepad made just for you. These photo slides are there to help you dive deeper into your inner world. Use them to explore moments in your life that you may not have fully processed or understood. As you reflect on these images and answer the questions, you may gain new insights and perspectives about yourself and your life.

Enjoy the journey!